Friday, January 18, 2013

My past-times have always been related to some kind of technology, save playing as a child swinging about toy swords and guns. In terms of a game with legitimate communicating, my first game was Runescape. I played a lot of Runescape, but it was short-lived. My brother had control over my character, because he was better at playing. After that I had a very long 3-4 year faze of playing flash games (free games, with enough simplicity to have been made by high school students, or college students. I spent much of my time playing flash games on armorgames. In 10th grade I got a PS3, at the pressuring of a few of my friends. we logged thousands of hours playing video games together. at the end of my 12th grade year we all upgraded to PC gaming. It is much cheaper and much better in my personal opinion. This is all simply gaming related software/hardware. 
I joined Youtube in 8th grade for the sake of music. I have always loved music, and I don't think I will ever stop. I downloaded Mixcraft when I was in 11th grade. It is a software for recording and making music. I learned as much about it as I could, but I did not really get too much out of it. in 12th grade I downloaded FL studio (fruityloop studio) and I found much more success with it, as did a good friend of mine. My friend had found FL studio after being referred to it from Epic Rap Battles of History and Deadmau5. A software that I had downloaded since 9th grade I found an exceedingly large amount of use from; a software called Audacity. Audacity was used by me to fix Youtube videos and songs that I downloaded with a Youtube to mp3 ripper (completely legal when it is done to any video, or song that isn't copyrighted) I edited out any background noise or awkward beginnings/endings to songs that were posted onto Youtube. 
I have done much with software/hardware, but in a society built by media it is necessary to be a part of it somehow.

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