Thursday, January 17, 2013

My online presence was first born my seventh grade year at an online forum called Ambrosia Software forums ( I did a number of things at that site. I initially went there for the purpose to talk to other people about gaming concepts and ideas. I created a primitive storyline for a hypothetical Paper Mario game. I actually recently sent a message to the moderator asking for access to the archives pertaining to my old account. It would be really interesting if I could actually see the stuff that I said way back then. I was a part of the major video gaming crowd until I discovered something on the site even more nerdy.
I was introduced to forum roleplaying when I found a topic on one of the discussion boards. I became a part of it nearly instantaneously. I loved it. As with every online community, there were the people that were just there to hate. So the eight of us (if I remember correctly) that were doing the forum roleplaying made our own website on freeforums and even though I left a very long time ago, the very exclusive forum is still alive and kicking today.
In 10th grade I joined Facebook. I didn't really find that much enjoyment out of it. I share various webcomics and jokes, normally satirizing all of the drama that I see on Facebook. Facebook is actually a quite annoying thing if you get down to the concept. It is a place where any random acquaintance can look at your entire past on Facebook if they so chose. This of course makes Facebook an outlet for all of the drama queens that one may know. Everyone knows the type; constantly complaining about every little thing that doesn't go perfectly in their life. It is also a place for advertising, which can work both ways. Some people can use it to advertise their accomplishments, and get their name "out there." Others often use it for extreme left wing or right wing political propaganda. This annoys me greatly, because I hate the entire party system, its a system that is designed to get the country to divide in half and make it hate itself. I thankfully am in charge of what I see on my news feed, and I quickly learned to weed out all of the drama queens and all members of any party that derives solely on hating its counterpart. Facebook overall really shouldn't be worth the trouble, but due to its nature of being checked quite often, it is generally the fastest way to get a hold of someone over a computer.

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