Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have I ever participated in any of the internets "Small Potatoes"? As a matter of fact I have not participated in too much of the internet; in fact I don't participate in much anyways.  Myspace? Thought it was stupid. Digg? same thing. Reddit? I am quoting my opinion based off of what someone else said: " It's just 4chan for pussies." but saying that infers that I go to 4chan, which I don't but a friend does. My friend (don't try saying "ya right a FRIEND") looks through the gore threads, and random work safe threads. He gives me a link every now and again. Sometimes he shares a GIF of someone being ruthlessly beaten, sometimes it's some of the most carefree humor I've seen in a long time. Would I recommend 4chan? no, it is not for the faint of heart; SAYING THAT IS NOT A CHALLENGE! unless you want it to be. The following links were posted by a 4chan user; click if you dare.

If you took the challenge, you can see that 4chan is really a hit and miss thing. but the ratio here is way off. you'll find a lot more screwed up things than what you will find things with innocent humor. This is after all the website that is responsible for the infamous "Hitler did nothing wrong" prank. As you venture through the mysterious lands of the internet you'll hear the phrase "don't feed the trolls" but in fantasy, trolls eat people, just being around a troll is enough to cause trouble.

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